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Monday, January 01, 2007

Another 365 days!

The 365 Days Project is back to share once more and the second time around it's happening right smack dab here every single day of 2007.

In 2003 I organized the first 365 Days with over 70 people sharing from their stash of aural treats. Same thing this year with new and old contributors. The only change in 2007 is that everyday can feature more then just one mp3 (as server space was tight four years ago). So look for single songs to full albums shared by a host of contributors. Sharing from their collections in January will be: The Bomarr Monk, Clayton Counts, Pea Hix, Oddio Katya, Michel LeGrisbi, Rocketboy, Strictly Kev, B.C. Sterrett, Mimi la Twisteuse and more.

To start off the year I'm going to backtrack (continue reading below the jump) to the first 365 Days and feature two full recordings instead of the excerpts provided in 2003. No need to write about the recordings as they speak for themselves. Shall we go?

Here we go!
Otis Fodder