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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Injury Simulation People

I’m a big fan of theme parties, so seeing the site for Image Perspectives School of Moulage made me think, what could possibly be more “drop-dead” than a graphically accurate disaster theme party?
Image Perspectives will design and create all of the latex mock injuries to simulate a natural disaster or terrorist event (your choice) using moulage, a moldable and reusable wax.
Or opt for their Biochemical scenario package, featuring simulated events of Sarin and Anthrax and Smallpox (oh my!)....or a Mass Casualty Incident Package for 150 at only $1 per casualty (is anyone else thinking "what a creative, not to mention economical, idea for a wedding rehearsal dinner"?). Also available are makeup kits with foundation in colors such as “cyanotic”, ”capillary stipple” and “cadaver grey”.
Your guests will have a blast playing “guess my injury” as a conversational icebreaker.

”And you have...a sucking chest wound?”

“Right!! And you’ve got...an avulsion with skin flap?”

(high five)