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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ernie T., Superstar

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Bobby Sherman Marie Morreale... Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Bobby Sherman (Superstars 204, Side One, .mp3 audio 17:04). From Ernie T., Superstar by Phil X. Milstein of Probe is Turning-on the People! "...High in the annals of great fake music ranks a series of albums on the Superstar label, out of Broadway, Times Square, New York. The brainstorm of a slick operator known as Ernie T., Superstar Records put out four albums in the early '70s that appeared, when viewed at a glance, to be new releases by the hottest teenypop idols of the day: The Osmond Brothers, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, and the dark horse entry, The [sic] Grand Funk Railroad. In the spirit of trendy reference, the series was called Everything You Always Wanted To Know About ..., each title concluding with the name of the respective artist. The cover would feature a photo of the title idol dropped haphazardly amidst a barrage of screaming, multifonted headlines - 'The Girls That Excite Them! The Girls That Turn Them Off!' - the type jumbled inside a random array of circles, boxes, hearts and stars. Were it not for the squared size, Superstar's cover art could easily be mistaken for Tiger Beat or 16, or perhaps even a carton of Lucky Charms."