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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sounds to Make You Shiver

Pastor McPurvis sais this about his Halloween Special: "Up this week is an album that regularly scared the pants off the Pastor when he was a small fry. I’m not quite sure how my family came to own this LP. I am assuming my mother bought it to create some Halloween atmosphere at our house as she handed out candy. For a young Pastor of six however, the album became much more. The record fascinated and terrified me simultaneously. It became a personal test of my will to be able to sit through an entire playing of side one without running out of the room or turning it off. I used to scrutinize the cover for hours, wondering which of the many monsters depicted would invade my bedroom at night. Even listening to it now as an adult, the voice of the narrator still elicits an involuntary chill through my body. Listen if you dare!"