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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Think fast... live consecutively... SPACE PATROL!

Tonight at 8pm Pacific Standard Time, 11pm EST, 4am (0400) GMT and so on, your web browser will salute your One True John Peel when it automatically launches:


...just in time for your One True SPACE PATROL.
The chat room will be open, and waiting for YOU in particular!

The same shall hold true for the rebroadcast tomorrow at 5am PST, 8am EST, 1pm (1300) GMT and so on. For Australia and the Far East, add an additional 10 days, or something.

You will find the SPACE PATROL playlist here
(alternately, here).

Tonight we feature Jumping Jacques, Georgie Fame, Vladimir Cosma, Art Mooney, and... and... okay, the others are inanely obscure.

Luxuriamusic offers delightful CD quality, high definition webstreaming, delivered through Windows Media Player for either a one-day 25¢ pass, or all of $5.00 for a whole month. Please stop by and consider donating.


Stay tuned: episodes of SPACE PATROL will soon be available without commercial interruption on handy-dandy CDs. Take them anywhere!

The official SPACE PATROL store at Café Press can be found