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Friday, October 15, 2004

Gerald McBoing Boing

"Gerald McBoing Boing tells the story of a small boy who when he first tries to talk can only utter sound effects like 'Boing! Boing! His parents are shocked and call in a doctor who says he has no cure for the noises. ...
Gerald McBoing Boing won the Academy Award as best animated short subject for 1950. ...
This film--one of the finest ever made--had an impact that was both immeadiate and long-lasting. The concept came from Dr. Suess, who as Theodore Geisel, had worked with some of the UPA staff on army films during WWII. His story, and rhyming dialogue, was adapted for animation by Phil Eastman and Bill Scott. Director Bobe Cannon and designer Bill Hurtz's concept was--less is more--how few lines could they use. The action was charted, then the music written to that action before it was animated by Bill Melendez, Rudy Larriva, Pat Mathews, Willis Pyle, and Frank Smith. Next Jules Engel and Herb Klynn added the bright, flat colors in the background, broken only by the sparest of "props." Different colors were used to convey different moods thoughout the film."
Read more and Watch! these great moving images of art here. (via I Like)