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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Sailing the stormy seas of existence

wire dreams
night of bizarre dreams

is it the medicine or
is my brain melting?

reaching out to grasp
glass reflecting off the wind
it is made of wires

its no mystery
when fever rages in me
everything is wires

eyes snap wide open
The engulfing bands retreat
wires evaporate

drifting back to dreams
you smile at me with wire-eyes
blinking electric

wires can be friendly
but something malevolent
runs along their length

snaking, colored lines
multidimensional paths
leading into id

streamlines of power
current flowing to and from
rendering all shapes

translucent layers
sliding between each other
every plane a world

time is distorted
seconds to millenia
ages to a spark

the wires curve away
back to their world of madness
morning has arrived