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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Basic Hip Digital Oddio

Ford, the man behind Basic Hip Digital Oddio (see last entry) is introduced here in this short interview:

"Z - Why are you doing this?

Ford - It all started a few years ago with a single offering of an album I wanted to share with others. My site at that time was nothing more than one page. From there, things just started to grow. I like to think of it as a garden. You plant more and more, occasionally stopping to weed things out. It is a hobby I enjoy and it's nice to know other people are entertained by the things they find when they visit.

Z - You have a particular interest in Whistling records. Do you whistle a bit yourself?

Ford - (Laughing) No! And I rarely listen to any whistling records either! But I do collect them and since nobody else in the whole, wide, world had taken it upon themselves to build a website around them, I nominated myself. This may be an answer that surprises (and disappoints) some people but I do get a lot of satisfaction knowing I've done something with this neglected genre that nobody else has. In addition, I sincerely believe whistling records deserve some recognition.

Z - What is your favorite Rock Band?

Ford - Oh, that's a hard one. If I had to pick just one to take to the proverbial deserted island, it would be The Rolling Stones over The Beatles. You did not ask this, but perhaps a better question would have been who my favorite "guilty pleasure" is. The Carpenters - I love them!

Z - Your favorite album cover?

Ford - Oh, that's another hard one! But if I could display just one in an office at work for example, it would be "Bozo Under the Sea." Followed closely by Perrey and Kingsley's "In Sound From Way Out." For sentimental reasons, of course!"