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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Self-taught Art of the South

Wild Women by James Harold Jennings

The Creative Heart Gallery: "The art, that the Gallery represents, embodies visual traditions of the same cultural groups whose musical traditions created such forms as Blues and Old Time music. The diverse cultural heritage of the "Deep South" and "Appalachia" gradually cross-pollinated over the past century. It is this collective heritage which makes the region unique. The South's performing art traditions have had worldwide influence and have spawned most popular styles of American music and dance. Yet, until recently, little attention had been paid to this vital and spontaneous visual art. We collect and represent the work of our favorite artists of the region. Their styles may vary but their work is original, uncontrived and (to various extents) evokes the character and soul of the region. We mostly specialize in paintings and drawings." (via PLEP)