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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ookpik, Little Ookpik but no Song....

The odd though somewhat tedious tale of the Ookpik, the 1960s Canadian toy mascot, who survived foot amputation and the love of hordes of children, and was recommended for a career in Canadian politics. And a sidebar about a woman named Snowball who had emotional affairs with owls. But no Ookpik song! I can only find the Ookpik waltz, which is NOT the little tune I recall hearing that goes "Oooookpik, little Ookpik song......" and that's about all I remember. Who can find it for me?


jayKayEss said...

"...the Eskimo woman got a little gay..."

baikinange said...

Naah, I heard she was only into the boy owls.