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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sad Truth

My nomination for the best Bob Dylan imitation by a 1960s Chilean band goes to......Los Jockers (really? not Los Jokers?) for their visceral and heartfelt rendition of  Triste Realidad. You dragged it out of me, I don't like Dylan at all, except for "If Dogs Run Free".


Jay Schiavone said...

Annie, Annie, Annie:
As one who traffics in Americana, it behooves you to like Dylan, not the musician, but the reliquarian. Just going by his radio show, it is plain that you and he stalk the same vistas. Aside: Dylan used the Dogs episode of his show to reveal that "If Dogs Run Free" was lifted wholesale from Ferlinghetti.

baikinange said...

Liver, brussel sprouts and Billie Holiday are also "good for you" and I refuse to partake of those as well.