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Saturday, June 16, 2007

"Bara bara bara Bamba!"

"Teiou Bamba considers himself to be the ruler of all mutants and seeks to kill those who refuse to join Shin Jin Rui. He believes he is destined to rule a new world order in which the Earth belongs to mutants."
Meet the Mutants Of The New Human Order & Phantom Army, from the 1970s Japanese show "Teiou Bamba" (Emperor Bamba), including such unforgettable characters as :

“The Living Snowboard"...

....the terrifying “Boutonniere Guy”....

....what the Monopoly guy sans monocle might look like with horns (watch where you put your hand, little lady….mutants have feelings, too!)....

...."What Happens if I leave My Aladdin Happy Meal Figure on the Space Heater" Man....

....and "scary guy of many heads who makes his victims say, like what-EVAH".

Be inspired to conquer lesser species by listening to Teiou Bamba's rousing theme song!