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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Learn to Mount Birds and Animals

It's fun, it's recycling, and in these challenging times, great career potential.

Or if formal education at accredited institutions is not your "bag", then follow some easy "do-it-yourself" advice from Flickr user "Bumpoo Willie" in the Taxidermy group.
i think it's easier than a lot of people make out. i, for example, have taxidermised several small animals, and have a couple of dozen items of roadkill in my freezer. i do all my work in my kitchen with a standard penknife.

1. flay the creature's skin from it's flesh.

2. rub a bit of vodka on it to clean it, and help to stop it rotting.

3. using some scrunched up pieces of newspaper, cram the skin of the animal until taut.

4. superglue the incision closed.

5. pose and staple feet to a wooden base.

6. enjoy.