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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Dorothy Fuldheim

When BoingBoing posted this trippy local TV news promo the other day, I thought it seemed eerily familiar. So I checked with my mom, and yes, we got this station back in Pennsylvania where I grew up. She even went as far as to say "I remember Gib Shandley and Dorothy Fuldheim as if they were old friends." So I did a little research and apparently this Dorothy character was quite a legend in Cleveland. A distinguished reporter and interviewer, Dorothy was the first woman to host a TV news magazine in the US. She was also more than a little bit batty.

Here Dorothy extols the accuracy of Channel 5's weather reporting. (Love the outfit!)

Dorothy comes out of the closet... as a Democrat!

Dorothy's generosity is without limit.

Rumor has it Dorothy's ghost still haunts the studio!