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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Get Your Party Organised

What do you Brits have against the letter zed, anyway? Organised, indeed.

Anyway, this is a pretty groooovy comp by Jerry Allen, despite the album cover guaranteed to provoke night terrors in Johnnyuma, such a sensitive lad is he.

Give a listen to "Switched On" from the album, below.


Desuko. said...

Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

I-FE said...

Thanks for reposting my album on your site. I'd not heard of you until today.

As for the letter Z, I'm not sure why we dislike that letter so much, maybe we don't have the attention span and can't be bothered to wait until the end of the alphabet. Who knows?

I suppose it's the same with the letter U for you guys. We say FAVOURTIE and you say FAVORITE.

Best wishes

In-Flight Entertainment Blog.

baikinange said...

Simon, as long as you keep posting such fun albums (Chaquito and the Quedo Brass is a new favourite... I mean favorite) I will forgive you for saying al-yew-MIN-eee-um and "I have to go to hospital" (you guys hate "the" so much too?)!

Johnnyuma said...

Thanks a bunch, Ange. I propose a ban on all images and links that are clown/poodle/balloon/midget related. DF please note.
Respectfully - Yuma

baikinange said...

You forgot ventriloquist dummies....a ban on all of those would mean the end of PCL as we know it.

mrdantefontana said...

Noted. And respectfully threw the idea in the crapper.

I-FE said...

Ah, I forgot that word. To be honest though I don't tend to say alooominum very often!

This is a great blog, BTW. I'll stick a link from In Flight.