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Monday, November 20, 2006

Seksu Roba - Monsterized.

Seksu Roba on their seksuvision blog yesterday about something like a strange encounter of the theremin kind: "Here is some footage of Seksu Roba performing live, supported by Victor White’s robot ERECTOR, on the Discovery Channel cable television program How to Monsterize Everything, which is a spin-off series from the popular Monster Garage. Original Airdate: Monday October 25, 2004. We were just as confused as the people on the show, and slightly less confused than audiences probably were as we flashed on national basic cable television for 30 seconds or so. Everyone from the show was very kind to us and we appreciated the opportunity even if it made no conceivable sense whatsoever."
Well, well, well...
View the clip: Seksu Roba on TV - How to Monsterize Everything (or view it on YouTube, uploaded by me for your convenience)