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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Albert Ayler

On Swedish TV (SVT2) tonight at 22.15 "Mitt namn är Albert Ayler" (My Name Is Albert Ayler). Do not miss it fellow Swedes. For once you are allowed to stay up late on a Sunday night.

Article/review in All About Jazz. A quote from the article:"... In 1962 he went to Sweden because, according to his brother Donald, he wanted to be accepted as an artist. According to Collin, Albert wasn't popular at all in Sweden. In fact, he was kicked out of clubs because of the way that he played. Sunny Murray told a story about being in Sweden in 1963 while playing with pianist Cecil Taylor's group when Albert asked to perform with them. Taylor immediately declined, but against his wishes, while Taylor was on the bandstand playing a solo, Murray and saxophonist Jimmy Lyons gave Albert the cues to go ahead and start playing. Albert's sound was so raucous and so intense that Taylor was taken aback and he actually stopped playing and allowed Albert to continue. ..."

Listen to some tracks at Albert Ayler's MySpace page.

Download Albert Ayler - The Last Album at PLO (note: only available via RapidShare - if you want to downoad it from another file host please email a request to me).