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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Diana Palmer

oh Diana love is sweet
and pure as a golden ring
your mystic lover at your feet
will give you everything

your mother fears you’ll turn into
an old maid that shares no love
she does not know that every night
you count the stars above

oh diana it’s hard to keep a secret
when you’re young and glad
but if you whisper anything
your man will be hurt so bad

your father thinks you’re mentally ill
he wants to give you electric shocks
he does not know that every night
you receive a chocolate box

oh your life has changed so much
since you met your mystic man
your old friends seem so empty now
you avoid them if you can

the empire state building
is so very tall
you work there almost every day
and then you feel so small

there are nearly a million persons in
the subway every day
it’s strange to think that none of them knows
of the love that’s come your way

your mystic man was so very clean
the day he came your way
his pajamas was so icy blue
his eyes so icy gray

oh Diana love is sweet but it changes your life so much
and it makes you so depressed and ill
when he’s not there to touch

when he looked into your eyes
he woke up something wild
then you knew that you had turned
to a woman from a child

when you started to paint an eye-line
you didn’t know what for
since you’ve met your man you’ll paint
eye-line for ever more

Click here to listen to 'Diana Palmer' as recorded By Love Explosion (japp, svensk progg!).
(thanks to regnljus, fulpo calsokk)