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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our favorite raisin chick walks and talks!

1923 - 1970 and ... 2006!

Well, The Sun-Maid Girl, 90 years old, is more active than ever before. She now appears in commercials walking and talking! The red sunbonnet is there, the basket with the grapes (greener than ever) is there and the sun is shining. What's her mystery diet or health tip to keep this fit for almost 10 decades? She says: "grapes and sunshine!".
Ok, Ibiza, here I come!

Read more about the makeover for the Sun-Maid at Chicago Tribune. (via The Beat)

"... For her part, the newly contemporary Sun-Maid girl appears in TV ads.

"She's got legs now and moves, walks and talks," says Mark Bagley, senior vice president for marketing and sales.

All things considered, the old girl has aged pretty well.

"She doesn't look a bit over 90," Bagley quips."