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Monday, May 16, 2005

Electric Love

"The third and last of the Electronic Concept Orchestra (Robin McBride and Ed Higgins) LPs, Electric Love attempts the seemingly impossible: making the cold early Moog synthesizer live comfortably with the warm, romantic sounds of strings. The result is truly the quintessential, easy-listening, Moog album. While other similar LPs may tackle the great mod hits, such as "The Look of Love" and "Love is Blue" included here, Electric Love sustains the mood through 11 tracks. It is more Barbarella than 2001, more Francis Lai than Jean-Jacques Perrey, and in a chilly, 1960s futurism way, oddly calming though ultimately unimpressive and unnecessary. It must be the contrast between icy Moog and warm, orchestral arrangements." (Tony Wilds in AllMusic)
Electric Love by Electronic Concept Orchestra (available as 2 zip-files) at Rato Records Blog