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Monday, May 16, 2005

Music for the Quiet Hour

"Here is the ideal pick-me-up for those weary, end-of-a-frantic-day blues. Take off your shoes; Start the phono; Then sit back and relax while Jan August evokes tender memories and vivid musical images with sensitive pianistics specially designed for "the quiet hour".
August's innate showmanship, impeccable taste, and extraordinary technical skill are brilliantly showcased on 12 memorable selections . . . ranging from the romantic nostalgia of such familiar pop standards as "September Song," "Stars In My Eyes," "Wish You Were Here," "It's D'Lovely," "Honey Bun," "Dark Eyes," to the intricate patterns and fiery old world charm of "Miserlou," "Intermezzo," "Oye Negra," "Mala-guena, "Liszt's Second Hungarian Rhapsody," and "Ti-Pi-Tin". ..."
(from the liner notes)

Jan August: "Music for the Quiet Hour" Made available by Gojira 69.

Note: Click the "~ Side 1 ~" & "~ Side 2 ~" and download the songs "directly" from the label (right-click the titles).