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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Week 10: Jimmy Wages

Fame never lifted her skirt for Jimmy Wages. To crudely uncommercial even for Sun Records poor old Jimmy never got a peek under that skirt. But in true southern fashion he knew, just as well as the Killer, that he sure was going to be damned for belting out that rock´n´roll stuff and he couldn´t stop himself either. If you´re going you´re going. Although the troubles of this weighed heavily on Jimmy´s mind. Unlike Jerry he wrote his own songs and they do indeed come from a troubled mind. Strange lyrics performed in true primitive fashion. Accordingly none we´re released during his days but four of those songs survived in the Sun vaults from sessions in, probably, 1957 and 1958. First out are two takes of Mad Man, followed by Miss Pearl. Both songs reflecting a somewhat unsettling view on women. Then there´s Heartbreakin´ Love, in my view the weakest of the four songs; standard rockabilly of it´s day (not that there´s anything bad with that). Then we round off things with Jimmy´s masterpiece: Take Me From This Garden of Evil. A vision of the conflict between good and evil with some moral judgement thrown in. And that´s all there is folks! We don´t know for sure who played what on these sessions but present in the studio with Jimmy Wages was Ray Harris, Jesse Carter and J.M. Van Eaton with Jack Clement turning the knobs.

14. Mad Man (take 1)
15. Mad Man (take 2)
16. Miss Pearl
17. Heartbreakin´ Love
18. Take Me From This Garden of Evil

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