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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


It looks like I finally have succeeded in my attempts to make the comments enabled in the permanent links.
I still look the same and still fancy the same beer as before but strangely enough it is most probable that I have mutated into some kind of Einstein of HTML-code!!!!

Anyway - My IQ is now like up in the clouds and that makes blogging and building websites a little too easy and not much of a challange. I can now actually post an entry with my eyes blindfolded and both my hands cut off.

Now I will take a short break from this blog (maybe a week) to regain my senses.
Maybe Splogman could feed you some posts, I don't know?

/Z aka Sebastian

Updated: I am ending this horrible day by putting my new and improved HTML skills to the test: Was it really possible to make this blog look even more ugly? Oh, YES, it was. Piece of cake, really! Pffft.
And, now I'm gone.



Anonymous said...

We will be waiting for your return.

Martin Klasch said...

Ha det så skönt!