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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Week 59 - Even More Celebrities: There’s No Business Like Show business

Broadway legend Ethel Merman did a lot of decent recordings in the good old days but when hitting 71 years of age her judgement seemed to have been a bit hazy. Doing a disco album in 1979, just as disco was dwindling in popularity, was not a good idea. Well, it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea a few years earlier either. Although A&M never lost hope in this project, even printing up t-shirts that read “Ethel Boogies”. The Rude Kids single (Sonet, 1981) is not, even by a far stretch, any kind of celebrity recording but we like hearing these Swedish boys having a go at Björn Borg and Ingemar Stenmark. And you need a bit of punk now and then to spice things up. Mrs. Miller don’t need no introduction. This is from a promotion tape that was sent out to radio jockeys, a so-called open ended interview which means that they got a questioner form as well. They could then read the right question at the proper pause in the tape and it sounded like they were doing a real interview on the air as Mrs. Miller answered. We don’t have the questioner form so you just have to imagine the questions, it shouldn’t be too hard and you’ll get a few useful tips on how to whistle as well.
59 Rude Kids

12. Ethel Merman – There’s No Business Like Show business
13. Rude Kids – Next Time I´ll Beat Björn Borg
14. Mrs. Miller – Open Ended Interview

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