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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD

As I mentioned in the solidarity post below i have started another blog (well, I started it back in February but under a different title: Badman's Tube).
Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD is a colorful place where I post music videos I like found on the online video deposits such as YouTube.

Here are some of the latest posts:
Laurie Anderson - Beautiful Red Dress
Kitty Wells - I don't claim to be an angel
The Church - Under The Milkyway
Bryan Ferry - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Robert Wyatt - Gharbzadegi
XTC - Neon Shuffle
Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Revue
Bebel Gilberto - All Around
The Residents - The Act Of Being Polite

And of course... THOR!

"Action" On The Merv Griffin Show in Las Vegas 1976.
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