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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Week 55 - Oddities, Ös i Baljan

We round off this compilation with some special music from some special people. Ös i baljan was a Swedish band from Landskrona (in the south of Sweden). They never released a commercial record, only two self-released cd-r, entitled Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2, sold at concert. They formed in 1999 with only two people to start with on drums, song and guitar before being a full band two years later, even featuring a dancer. The first three tracks were recorded in 1999 and the rest two years later. These might not be the most versatile of show-offs but that’s not the point. This is rock´n´roll at its best: sincerely and lovingly performed.

21. Ös i baljan – Cadillac
22. Ös i baljan – Proud Mary
23. Ös i baljan – Runaway
24. Ös i baljan – In the Ghetto
25. Ös i baljan – Oh Pretty Woman
26. Ös i baljan – Surfing Bird
27. Ös i baljan – Volare

>Download (all 7 tracks zipped - Updated: Really!) at Rapidshare or,
>Download (all 7 tracks zipped - Updated: Really!) at zShare or,
>Download (all 7 tracks zipped - Updated: Really!) at Momoshare.

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Updated: The zip files I initially uploaded only contained the first 6 tracks. The files have been updated and uploaded once more - now with "Volare"!
If you just want "Volare" - here it is (at YouSendIt) or here (Momoshare)