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Saturday, April 08, 2006

1960's Phoney Records

Hi everyone, jayKayEss here from Unpleasant.org. Since Sebastian is going on hiatus, I asked if I could post something here once in a while.

I spotted some Crazy Labels over on Martin Klasch the other day, and it got me thinking that I have a whole cigar box of this stuff that my uncle used to collect back when he was a kid. So, here is the first installment: Phoney Records. I'm guessing these are from the late 60's, based upon the songs. I'm sure that titles like "Burp Me, Rhonda" seemed really rebellious to my 10-year-old uncle at the time. Enjoy!

ACK, it was probably dumb of me not to point out that these are stickers, not actual records... I'm guessing the stickers came from either bubble gum or Cracker Jack boxes. Click on the scan above to see more...