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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ace of Spades

A week or so ago PCL instigated a unlikely battle between Dio and Pat Boone. Or rather between the original Dio version of Holy Diver and one made by mr Boone. Pat won!

I happened to come across this bluegrass version of Motörhead's classic Ace of Spades (QuickTime, 17 MB) but I don't think there's any point in starting another battle of versions here...
(Via Smidigt.se)

He kind of looks like Lemmy, don't you think?

Ace of Spades in Wikipedia
Motörhead's Official Web Site


Wow. There was complete uproar and k'vitshing amongst PCL readers when I only posted the "deliverance version" of Ace of Spades earlier. Demands has been made for us to post the original Motörhead version.

This is a link for a zip download of a live version of Ace of Spades with Motörhead.
It was found at Motörhead Forever - the Unofficial Site.

It'll have to do for now. Rock on Liza and no more k'vitshing!