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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Magic Transistor Radio

This is a little something for The Beach Boys fans. Magic Transistor Radio is a place where you'll find some rare Beach Boys/Brian Wilson recordings. For instance an interview of later date (1991) with Brian reflecting on his lost years, how he was contacted and hindered for 20 years, "mental- telepathically", by the devil.

"Don't go near the keyboard. And I said Look, I wanna go near the keyboard. (The devil:) Don't go near the keyboard!. So I didn't. So I tried it, got scared and walked away."

He talks about when he stayed in his bedroom for a year eating "like a pig" reaching the maximum weight of 311 lbs.

Magic Transistor Radio (two pages) is a part of a larger fan site: The Beach Boys - Pacific Ocean Blue

(Via Martin Klasch. Thanks to P. Asth)

Extra bonus: The Beach Boys singing their german version of In My Room - Ganz Allein. From WFMU's On the Download.