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Sunday, September 04, 2005


On the 23d of june 2005 a unique teenage concert took place in Hedon, the local pop-temple in Zwolle. Recorder pupils of Alet Meier (Muzerie Fun Factory), rap group Verbal Punishment, cello teacher Corien Kok and alt-rock group and regional art-contest winners Alexis brought a wide variety of musical styles. Download parts of the show here (realplayer)
Next project of De Muzerie Fun Factory conducted by Alet Meier is "Hysterisch, historisch" in juni 2006 in the Lutherian church in Zwolle with 14 adult recorder pupils and 5 profesional musicians.
1.Verbal Punishment
2.Muzerie Fun Factory (1)
3. Corien kok
4. Muzerie Fun Factory (2)
5. Alexis
6. complete video (windows media player)