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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Week 27 - Celebrities - Wayne & Nixon

Ok, we are still here (observing the outside world through the panoramic window here at the office)!
This post was supposed to have gone online Sunday, September 18, but mrdantefontana was cut off from the world as we know it (looks like there's more to it than just this good ole' panoramic view...).

We really wanted him to put the last finished mp3 comp. online before we started to ramble on with the new one.
And now he's back! And so are we!

We’re taking a two month tour into the glamorous world of celebrities. Might as well start frying some big fish right away with the Duke's patriotic talk of wars and Vietnam in particular. What we’re wondering is: why weren’t you marching John? Brave words indeed from an old draft dodger. Celebrating the Vietnam war the Duke, sure as hell, couldn’t stand those peace loving hippie freaks as he bears witness to in this drunken talk to a college audience. Right on, John! Kill all hippies! Those ramblings do somehow reminds us of our favourite politician: Richard Milhous Nixon. Nowadays every politician just seem to come from the same broiler farm. Can’t tell one from the other. As crooked as Nixon was at least you knew where you had him. Well, he wasn’t really crooked he just was the one.

1. John Wayne – Why Are You Marching, Son
2. John Wayne – Drunken Ramblings
3. Richard Nixon – I’m Not A Crook
4. Nixon´s the One