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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Glasses rocks.

I say this not because of the fanciness of my own Dolce & Gabbana's - I say this because it's a fact. We have Buddy Holly; Elvis and Elvis; John Lennon; and a bunch more. But there are too few of them! I think it's 'cause it takes a real man to wear them, and to wear them good.
This is something Pastor McPurvis at the Vinyl Orphanage have been thinking about. He sais: "Once one of the only acceptable fashion accessories available to men, glasses are slowly disappearing from our cultural landscape. Affordable contact lenses and Lasik surgery are replacing the firm, sturdy, and, dare we say it, manly combination of frame and lenses. ..."
But he also continues: "Fortunately we have found several individuals who will not let the unending march of progress hamper their chosen life statement to the world. Join us in celebrating the wonders of having four eyes." McPurvis points us to Jo Amar who sings only for You! and Bro. Tommy Stone (a man with a title and a name like that would do good even if he was blind I'll tell you!). And here's the wholesome gallery of Men with Glasses. (And don't forget to sing on your way out of the orphanage!)