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Sunday, August 29, 2004

American Art Archives

American Art Archives has a mission devided into three parts:

-Help preserve the memory of the great illustrators and their works.

-Give visitors a chance to experience the kind of art that people of the last century experienced virtually every day.

-Provide an outlet for you fans of illustration art where you can contribute bio information, corrections (we do make mistakes), gallery ideas and artwork, articles on artists, trends, and techniques, upcoming events you want to promote, whatever else you can think of.

And boy! Do they succeed! Great artists and illustrators are being displayed. Here you can find illustrators like: Rolf Armstrong, Edwin Georgi (the artist behind the work above!), J C Leyendecker, Dr. Seuss and many more fine artists. And they'll even tell you what "illustration" is. (via Sugar 'N Spicy)