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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Week 35: ABBA voor kinderen

Jan Turkenburg's 52 weeks project ("every week in 2004 there will be a link to a page with recordings which are not available in the shop and preferably introduced by the artist him/her/themselve") is now on week 35.

"The following tracks are taken from "ABBA voor kinderen" (Abba for kids) from 1981, performed by a Children's choir in Leiden. The dutch lyrics are by Pieter Goemans, who has written a lot of commercial children lyrics, but these are not his best ones, just like the accompaniment and the singing isn't really outstanding, but at least they didn't let half naked little girls sing "gimme gimme gime a man after midnight", like the Mini pops. Goemans let them sing things like "Look, there's the little gnome" and "Won't you come to my birthday party?". From the liner notes we can only learn that the idea for this album came from Cees Kerkhof, the sleeve was designed by Jan van Uden and Frederico (F. Balke) made the illustrations." and further on: "This week's record was badly damaged and three of the songs I couldn't repair acceptably. So here are two consolation tracks in the same genre, taken from the very limited release CD "Mijn oom is een dinosaurus" (My uncle is a dinosaur), which I recorded especially for two small family members."
ABBA Voor Kinderen



splogman said...

Thank you!



mrdantefontana said...

That was a fun record Jan. Better than Abba! Much better.