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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Classic comic fanzine covers

"The truth is, I flat-out stole the format for Ultrazine #1 (published in 1978) from The Comic Book Collector, a fanzine by John Harris. "Hey, this looks easy," I thought. (I was 15 years old). My partners in crime were neighborhood pals John Zupkow, Mike Cevarr, and John Steventon. Those first few issues sucked. Thankfully other people joined in, the quality shot up overnight, and Ultrazine developed its own identity. From 1978 to 1982, I published 62 fanzines, with help from more than 125 contributors from across the country. It was the sheer enthusiasm and obvious talents of many of these friends that kept me going so long. (The typical fanzine burnout rate was about 18 months, with eight or nine issues). I was by no means the smartest or most gifted of the contributors to my own books, but I was organized, ambitious, and very persistent -- plus, I had access to a copy machine."
The words are Matt Bucher's.The editor for UltraZine and also the guy making this site possible.
Graphic Visions, Lan's Lantern, UltraZine.
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