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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Week 2: More sex

If there ever was a moanin´ classic this has to be it. “Je t´aime” originally recorded by Brigitte Bardot but kept in the vault for over 20 years it instead was rerecorded with Jane Birkin doing the moanin´ (Updated & NSFW!:The original single was also released in England with Jane Birkin in the nude on the cover. This was, of course, to much for England at the time so it was retrived after a day in the shops.)
But our favourite take has to be this one. Recorded by Swedish pinup star Leena Skoog in 1969 and released on Love Records with record number 666. As for the fellow he´s supposed to be some kind of opera singer but we don´t know the whole truth about that apparently, judging from his singing. We do know that Leena´s only comment about him in later interviews was that he apparently had some trouble keeping his hands to himself.

The other little ditty here is, according to the label, tastefully recorded. Well, if you call a man moanin´ for three minutes tasteful I guess it is. A sensual seven inch, from 1978, indeed.

03. Je t´aime – Leena Skoog & Anders Näslund
04. Sensual Sounds of Man

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