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Monday, March 14, 2005


Copy-art.net is an ongoing curatorial project that aims to create an online platform to exchange works between artists, curators and the public and give the audience free access to works of art. Artists have been invited to submit work to Copy-art in any medium that will then be available online, making it possible for visitors to use these works in any possible way and without restrictions. Submitted works can be downloaded, changed, distributed, exhibited and used by all visitors for free. All submitted works will be present online in an archive, and available to the public to access. Commercial use of the works is excluded.
Artists include: Anna Best/ Bigert & Bergström/ Colectivo Cambalache/ Critical Art Ensemble/ A K Dolven/ Ella Gibbs/ House of O’Dwyer/ Per Hüttner/ juneau projects/ Miltos Manetas/ Matthieu Laurette/ N55/ Elizabeth Price/ Szuper Gallery/ Thomson & Craighead/ Gavin Wade/ SAK/ Peter Coffin/ Doug Fishbone/ Beltran Obregon/ Reza Aramesh/ Carey Young/ Abigail Reynolds/ Richard Crow/ Isabel Saij/ David Goldenberg/
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