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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Week 1: Sex

Sex is fun and so is Suzie´s wonderful 60s pastiche “Me and My Vibrator”. Actually it´s from 1979 and was done by the Rhino Brothers, which in turn was a pseudonym for the band Big Daddy. It first surfaced on the Rhino Brothers lp Circus Royale (the seventh lp released by Rhino Records and, as we all know, the very first was Wildmania by Wild Man Fischer). It later resurfaced on the compilation lp Rhino Brothers Greatest Flops. A nice track lending truth to the old saying: it ain´t the meat, it´s the motion.
We´ve been digging through the office but no one could find any info on “Unrequired Love”, but we just couldn´t let you live any longer without hearing this really strange track.
01. Me and My Vibrator - Suzie Seacell
02. Unrequired Love