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Sunday, March 20, 2005

New team member

The PCL readers are up for a real treat!

As you may have (or may have not) noticed there's a new PCL contributor on the block. I've invited HTMPL Prod. because I think this dump needs it. I was down at the HTMPL office some days ago and O'boy! Did they have things in store for me! They just talked and talked. Rambling. They'd just discovered there is internet. They were all soo excited. "Wow! You can actually listen to music on that internet. It's amazing!" And I just, "Yeah, I know.."

I listened to these crazy guys for about an hour, got drunk and then got tired and blurted out something like, "For christs sake! Do you really need Internet to listen to music. You've got tons of music here in the archives."

And here we are now...

So I'd like you all to welcome HTMPL Prod. aboard.
And a big hug to Bill for helping HTMPL Prod. feel free and unhibitid sharing their goodness.

/Z aka Sebastian