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Friday, January 28, 2005

The surviving Ramones' drummers

John Piccarella in Perfect Sound Forever: "When news first surfaced that Johnny Ramone had advanced prostate cancer, Robert Christgau asked me if I would take some notes for an obituary. When Johnny died, I was out of town, and could not write the piece. Editors at the Village Voice had the idea that it would be smart to interview the surviving Ramones' drummers. They had never before been interviewed together. I met them at El Quijote, next door to the Chelsea Hotel, with John Cafiero (director of the Ramones RAW DVD). My agenda was to gain insight into the history of the band and their music; they wanted to talk about current projects. We were all aware of the Village Voice agenda, which was to hear stories about Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee. A much abbreviated version of this interview ran in the Village Voice on October 20th, 2004."
John Piccarella's complete interview with Tommy and Mark