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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Voices of St. Coletta

Pastor McPurvis, headmaster of the Vinyl Orphange, tells us: "Up this week is a recording from the choir and band of the St.Coletta School, an organization dedicated to assisting individuals with developmental and other disabilities. I’m not going to comment to much on this one, as anything I write will wind up sounding patronizing and I sincerely do not mean to be. I will say that the album is a mix of popular songs and band pieces, all deftly handled by the members under the direction of Susan J. Kostichka. I especially like ‘Blowin in the Wind’ and ‘Danny Boy’. St. Coletta is still in existence and has recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary. As always, Enjoy!"
The Voices of St. Coletta, Volume 4