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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

An Evening With The Transitones

Pastor McPurvis invites us to An Evening With the Transitones: "Up this week is a curious little album by The Transitones, a combo that according to the liner notes, was a favorite in southwest Florida in the early eighties. The album is mainly a showcase for the song writing, keyboard, and vocal talents of Henry Forschino who along with song writing partner Rick Lynge, contributes six original tunes. Mr. Forschino’s (I’m assuming) wife backs her husband up with some husky harmonies, and the group is rounded out by Joseph Mignone on drums, Bert Hogan on trumpet (with a seriously wide vibrato), and Jimmy Byrd on guitar and bass. The overall effect creates an odd atmosphere where Casio keyboards meet Harry James imitators, Les Paul style guitar playing coexists with cheesy string synths, and television theme songs are reborn as cabaret entertainment. There are a couple of minor skips and it doesn’t sound like the master recording was the best, but overall the album is in pretty good shape and enjoyable. Have fun and as always, Enjoy!"
Sounds like fun!