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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Ewa Adamczyk Alvarez

Zephir's Flight, 1998 [Click image for large view at source]

Statement: "I have been fascinated by the beauty and structural elegance of nature for many years. As a child growing up in Poland, I developed a strong connection to my environment. I first started to examine natural forms as I collected shells and bits of amber on a Baltic beach, and picked wild mushrooms and berries in the forest with my family. The colors, smells, and textures of those places became so deeply engrained in my memory that even their slightest reminder still triggers my imagination, and evokes images.
After receiving a traditional art training at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts, I set out to investigate painting issues on my own. My interest in nature developed into a desire to study it and manifest its magnificence through art. I became most involved in finding similarities between the microcosm and the macrocosm, and depicting their precise and abstract aspects. The unifying theme in my work is the portrayal of subjects that often go unnoticed and of situations and points of view that cannot be seen under ordinary circumstances. ..."
Paintings by Ewa Adamczyk Alvarez (via Lonita's Links Log)