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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Week 43, The 45s: Hansson & Karlsson

Hansson & Karlsson (link goes to page in Swedish) is probably the best band ever to come out of Sweden in the 1960s. Consisting of a duo with organ and drums this innovative band put out one single and three albums in the late 1960s. Although being at the verge of a major breakthrough it never quite happened. So far there’s only been a single cd compilation reissued which really is a shame. What we really want to hear is of course a giant live cd box of the boys jamming on their own as well as with the likes of Frank Zappa, Cream, Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix (who recorded their song 'Taxfree'). Bo Hansson went on to record a highly successful interpretation of Lord of the Rings and Janne Karlsson became an actor and TV-show host. Here’s their sole single as well as a paper-flexi (hence the sound) put out by Dagens Nyheter (Sweden’s major daily morning paper) in 1967.
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Click covers for larger views.

4. Hansson & Karlsson – Lidingö Airport
5. Hansson & Karlsson – Canada Lumberyard
6. Hansson & Karlsson – Paper-flexi

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Updated: Micke Orgel (a Swedish music blog) has made 3 tracks from the 1998 CD compilation 'Hansson & Karlsson' available.

Updated II: The Hansson & Karlsson tracks are now available as a part of the 45s mp3 comp. project.