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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Wurlitzer Theatre Organ at Brentford

" ... These amazing instruments, with their myriad of sounds were then used to provide musical interludes and to accompany the stage acts which formed a part of many cinema programmes back in the 1930s. The hundreds of organ pipes, the percussion instruments and the many sound effects which make-up this unique instrument were tucked away behind the decorative proscenium of the cinema and were connected to the illuminated console containing several thousand wires. ...
When re-installed in the Musical Museum, the organ was connected to a very rare Wurlitzer Automatic Roll Playing Cabinet, enabling the performances of many American Theatre Organists of the 1920s to be faithfully recreated. "

At Music and the Cinema (don't forget to listen to the bombastic audio samples at the bottom of that page!) at The Musical Museum London, England. (via Blind Höna)