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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Iraq War Paintings by Gerald Laing

'American gothic'
"Naked bodies piled up like logs drying for the winter is a new and strange phenomenon. Soldiers gesticulate proudly over this achievement. They wear green rubber gloves, just in case. One of each sex, standing in close relationship, they put me in mind of an American painting which is important in the mythology of the US – American Gothic, by Grant Wood. But if you look closely at the farmer and his wife in the painting they seem pretty grim. Hard working children of toil they may be, but could they also be bigoted and ignorant? In case they are, I have substituted for them newer and more reassuring figures in the composition – two friends from Abu Ghraib." (See the whole thing at the source by clicking the image)

The Iraq War Paintings (read the artists comments to his works here) by Gerald Laing. (thanks to Dick Headley)
Note: Not for the easily offended or those who love war.