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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Week 44, The 45s: Lemmy

It’s Lemmy week here at the office, we let the days dwindle away as we sip our jack and coke, listening to one of the last rock´n´roll heroes left. Back in 1982 Lemmy did a single (Bronze) with the singer from The Plasmatics, Wendy O Williams. Not reaching the heights of the previous collaboration with Girlschool on the St. Valentines Day Massacre EP, mainly due to the fact that Wendy is a lousy singer and the production aren’t very good either. Still, it’s a bit of a fun curiosity, a view not shared by Fast Eddie Clarke for whom this was the final straw that caused him to leave the band. In 1990 there was another single (Sunnyside Records) this time by Lemmy & The Upsetters with Mick Green, the legendary guitarist for Johnny Kidd & The Pirates in the early 1960s. The b-side is a self-penned ballad by Mick Green & Lemmy.
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7. Lemmy & Wendy – Stand By Your Man
8. Lemmy & Wendy – No Class
9. Lemmy & Wendy – Masterplan
10. Lemmy & The Upsetters with Mick Green – Blue Suede Shoes
11. Lemmy & The Upsetters with Mick Green – Paradise

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