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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marabou Feathers and Dead Things

On orders of MajorDomo Baikinange, here's a link to my own blog, Lethal Dose, where last night Jayne Mansfield's suitcase from that fateful last journey sat on my bed. I could hardly sleep from the excitement! It was purchased by my pal Scott Michaels, who runs Dearly Departed Tours and the FindaDeath website, so it only seems appropriate. But he is my neighbor, so if I feel the need I can run over there and touch the suitcase when I want. He walked over with it covered in a trashbag because of course it is pink (you can't really tell from the photos, but the handle is that shade of "pepto-bismol") even though I assured him that in our freaky Hollywood neighborhood no one would notice.

Still, forty-something years later, it's a chilling item. Clink link for more.


DonHo57 said...

All my neighbor has that I can see or walk over and visit and touch anytime is a ladder and a very mean dog...

This is just an incredibly cool yet chilling item to see and have access to...you are greatly envied. THIS is why I visit PCL multiple times daily.