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Friday, January 27, 2012


Doris Svensson (shortly just Doris) is a Swedish singer. She started out in the beginning of the 1960s. In 1963 she debuted on Swedish Television in the show Drop In (at the very same show as The Beatles, during their first international tour after their break-through).
She sang "Save All Your Love For Me" backed up by The Telstars and Gals and Pals.

Later on she were in bands such as The Plums and The Dandys before she recorded the remarkable album soul/jazz album 'Did You Give the World Some Love Today Baby' with Berndt Egerbladh. That album wasn't a hit at the time but become a well sought-after gem during the mid 1990s and was re-issued and received attention from alternative soul/funk/jazz aficionados around the word and some of the album tracks has been sampled by well-known hip-hop acts.


Martin Klasch said...

Go Doris!
I was shocked to discover I hadn't posted anything of or about Doris myself. Well done, Dante!

Ange said...

What a waste of Gals and Pals!

mrdantefontana said...

P-E - Me too! That's why I had to post this!

Ange - Actually I kind of agree with you if we are talking about the clip. But that album of Doris is a marvel! But probably not in your taste.

Martin Klasch said...

Har du sett denna? Från en Åsa-Nissefilm (!!)

Doris Svensson - Du som bara har sett vårar

mrdantefontana said...

Japp! Har även filmen.

mrdantefontana said...

Åsa-Nisse i Rekordform.

Martin Klasch said...

Stackars Doris! - för evigt nedsmutsad... :)

mrdantefontana said...

Njae. Det skulle jag väl inte säga. Jag haft många fina stunder framför Åsa-Nisse. Just den här filmen är nog den allra sämsta då John Elfström blev sjuk och Arne Källerud fick hoppa in som Åsa-Nisse. Nej, den är ingen höjdare och känns billig.
Men förutom att en del av de här filmerna roar mig så var det ju många dåtida artister som fick chansen att visa upp sig i musikscener (som tex Doris här).
Men, jag förstår att du inte gillar Åsa-Nisse och buskis.

jayKayEss said...

She's fantastic! MUST HEAR MORE.