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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Week 41 - Merry Christmas!! Do not unwrap until Christmas!

This Upload has been updated and is on-line as from 2010!

From all of us to all of you: we wish you a merry Christmas! What a better way to spend Christmas eve than in the company of Wild Man Fischer. This 1968 legendary master piece has yet to see a re-release. Frank Zappa's widow owns the right and she doesn’t think it does Frank justice as producer and artist. Understandably the family don’t want anything to do with Larry Fischer since he once went berserk at their home nearly injuring their daughter, and thereafter Frank banned him. Larry’s story aren’t a happy one. We won’t repeat it here yet another time. If you want to know more check it out in Irwin Chusid´s excellent book Songs In The Key of Z. Larrys debut double-album An Evening With Wild Man Fischer remains the epitome of what any outsider has committed to vinyl. It’s bizarre, catchy, frightening and, towards the end, even painful to listen to as Larry lays his soul bare. To quote from Franks liner notes: Please listen to this album several times before you decide whether or not you like it or what Wild Man Fischer is all about. He has something to say to you, even though you might not want to hear it.

Side One: The Basic Fischer

01. Merry-Go-Round
02. New Kind of Songs For Sale
03. "I'm Not Shy Anymore!"
04. "Are You From Clovis?"
05. The Madness And The Ecstacy

Side Two: Larry's Songs, Unaccompanied

06. Which Way Did the Freaks Go?
07. I'm Working For the Federal Bureau of Narcotics
08. The Leaves Are Falling
09. 85 Times
10. Cops & Robbers
11. Monkeys Versus Donkeys
12. Start Life Over Again
13. The Mope
14. Life Brand New
15. Who Did It Johnny?
16. Think of Me When Your Clothes Are Off
17. Taggy Lee
18. Rhonda
19. I Looked Around You
20. Jennifer Jones

Side Three: Some Historical Notes

01. The Taster
02. The Story of The Taster
03. The Rocket Rock
04. The Rocket Rock Explanation & Dialog
05. Dream Girl
06. Dream Girl Explanation
07. Serrano Beach
08. Success Will Not Make Me Happy
09. Wild Man On The Strip Again

Side Four: In Conclusion

10. Why I Am Normal
11. The Wild Man Fischer Story
12. Balling Isn't Everything
13. Ugly Beautiful Girl
14. Larry & His Guitar
15. Circle
16. Larry Under Pressure

Download at files.ww> The complete 'An Evening with Wild Man Fischer' (incl. the front cover) as 1 deliciously packaged zip file (75 MB).

Download at MediaFire> The complete 'An Evening with Wild Man Fischer' (incl. the front cover) as 1 neatly and sweetly packaged zip file (75 MB).

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HTMPL Productions and mrdantefontana rise their glasses filled of Christmas beer cheering:
Merry Christmas hipsters!

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